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Lever de soleil rouge grenat et violet sur les pré-alpes observé de Caussols en France.
Logo de bonjour lumière du jour, deux mains superposées et rayons qui s'en dégagent



high quality enfolding and very relaxing massage  


the massage is one of the best keys to connect to yourself and to your physical being in the moment  

a regular treatment helps reducing unnecessary and so often dangerous stress  bonjour lumière du jour is an open window onto your deep balance and inner joy  my expert touch provides deep relaxation, while harmonizing your energies and balancing your emotional state. 


bonjour lumière du jour acts as a mantra of greeting to your inner being welcome home  you are arrived. 

Fabien, homme d'une quarantaine d'années, yeux souriants, cheveux courts, moustachu, bol tibétain.
Mains de Fabien jointes, paumes jointes

the treatment and prices

each client is unique, each treatment is unique  I adapt my signature massage to my clients' needs  my treatment is very oily, delicate and enfolding  the sequence flows in a fluid movement engaging a deep relaxation and a balanced and regenerating energetic harmonization.

the massage is carried out at your place of residence  this allows you to extend your deep relaxation without any transport constraints.  

my fares are: 

  • 1h30 - EUR 150 (**)

  • 1h15 - EUR 130 (*)

  • 1h00 - EUR 100

discount will be applied should several of you want to receive the massage in a row, on the same day and in the same place.

  • discovery offer: 45' - EUR 70 (the discovery offer is reserved to new client, and limited to one single massage per person) 

(*) in its most complete version and for optimal relaxation, the duration of this massage is one hour and a quarter  it includes a full body and face treatment, a few light gestures of lymphatic drainage and some acupressure (pressure on acupuncture points)  the shorter treatments are less complete but as much as beneficial  please pay a visit to how does it go? section for further details^^.

(**) benefit from a complete massage and a more sustained intervention on a tension zone of your choice  please pay a visit to how does it go? section for further details^^.

for any partnership or discussion of a particular situation, sometimes coming to terms is so simple  do not hesitate to contact me ! :-)

payment is made via paypal, payconiq or in cash before each massage.

loyalty and promoting bonjour lumière du jour are rewarded, ask for more about it :-)

Ancre "le soin"
Champ de lavande devant montagne dans la Drôme

scent of the senses

all the massage oils I use are organic vegetable based   composition can be adapted depending on your needs.


I offer journeys with relaxing and precious olfactory notes from essential oils.

IMPORTANT: essential oils are active products, I invite you to tell me if you're pregnant, or if you suffer from allergy, intolerance, long illnesses or any other health problem.


among my proposals:


heart beat from Provence

relaxatio regina

(sweet almond and sunflower base - main note: fine lavender from Drôme Provençale and rosemary with camphor);

corsican feeling

after sun cooling touch

(sunflower and St. John's wort base - main notes: rosemary and immortelle from the Corsican maquis);

flowers and flames

aerial sensuality

(sweet almond base - main notes: rose wood, geranium and ylang ylang);


muscle relief now! 

relaxation of contracted muscles

(sunflower and arnica base - main notes: wintergreen (gaultheria procubens), rosemary with camphor).

Ancre - fragrance



luigi from marseilles 

"I suffered from significant sleep disorders, the oceanic sensation of the massage allowed me to rediscover the same evening the feeling of the tasty abyss of falling asleep and to revel in a forgotten enveloping sensation. Your magic hands are there for it.  Thank you! "  


sabine, brussels

"An amazing journey to forgotten parts of myself! Breathtaking and very moving!" 

ben, brussels

"What a joy to pass through your hands. It's crazy how from the first contact we feel the good that you transmit."


florence, brussels

"Wow! I say:

enveloping now!

I speak from experience (…) I am a regular at institutes and spas. Fabien, you really have something else.

Long live your hands! And the scent of your oil, just perfect! " 

Logo Bonjour lumière du jour, mains de Fabien superposées et rayons s'en dégageant


bonjour lumière du jour - fabien

bookings every day from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

From May 1st to May 22nd available in Southeastern France
then Belgium

contact me on any applications (imessage, signal, telegram ou whatsapp)

+32 494 40 84 50

or by vocal or text on 

+33 6 65 09 20 89‬


insta: bonjour.lumieredujour

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