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how does it go ? 

before the meeting, we call each other

  • you choose the fragrance you prefer. 

  • I will ask you some questions of a more personal nature in order to better prepare my material.  

on the day and at the time of the appointment  

  • I come to your address with my massage table and my oils (as well as a heated mattress, in winter!). See the hygiene measures that are applied.

  • I need a space of 2.50m x 3m in a room with an ideal temperature of 26 degrees Celsius.
    you are on vacation and have received my contact details from your host, you do not have to worry about a thing. On the day and at the time of our meeting, I sit down with my table in the space previously identified with your host. 

  • I will ask you to prepare two bath towels (approximately 60 cm wide). 

  • before starting, we talk 10 minutes, quiet. 

  • we proceed to payment.

  • and the massage can then begin.  


everything that happens on the massage table stays on the massage table

I respect strict confidentiality with my clients. Everything that is exchanged remains between us. I will invite you to let yourself "be" during the massage.

However, the scope of my service is limited to a relaxing and enveloping type of massage, and does not include any sexual service.  

Pierre ovoïde et liens en cordage sur des marches minérales et mousse dans Jardin du Japon
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