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Mur végétal dans un jardin du Japon. Sérénité et calme.
Fabien souriant. Homme d'une quarantaine d'années, moustache et sourcils épais, casquette sur tête

who am I ?

My name is Fabien.

Massage and me make a story of more than 25 years.

I followed teachings in Nice (1998) and Aix-en-Provence (2020) with professional Masseurs and Magnetizers. 

I am French with Ligurian and Pyreneans roots. I live and work in Brussels and in Belgium. Every summer, I go South (in the Drôme area, France) where I operate in villas, resorts and guest houses. Sometimes I can stay longer for an exclusive and high-end service (upon request).

Here and there, I offer harmonizing massages with kindness and exclusively on the place of residence of my happy clients.

​Values and driving forces of my life:

  • elegance and discretion 

  • embrace diversity

  • paradise is now !

  • our planet goes first !

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